Budding Filmmakers, 2013 and Now

So much for all that talk about Grand New Projects and Plans on the Horizon. Gordon and I somehow let nearly six months slip by without touching this blog. In my defense, I did have a couple of things to take care of in that time (getting married, jury service, you know how it is). But excuses are so 2013.

It’s a new year, and we have More New Projects to think about! A few weeks back, Gordon and I decided to take on a short film, seeing as we’ve both been curious about video shooting and editing. I won’t say too much about it now because we’re still in the prep phase. But this brings up a good chance to talk about the last film project we both did, right around this time last year. Inspired by some Vimeo clips, we both turned a weekend of footage into two-minute mini music videos.

Gordon recapped a day of his life in New York City:

I packaged some clips from a long weekend in Miami Beach:

With a new year brings new tools: I finally joined the dark side and switched to a Mac. No more Windows Movie Maker for me! So here’s to hoping that this next video project is somewhat more sophisticated than what I was able to muster through my computer’s constant crashing.


Oh, by the way, the Threadless + Path sticker project: It didn’t do so hot, votes-wise, but the experience was still a lot of fun. Plus, Gordon took the stickers we made and gave me a lovely birthday present:


Happy 2014!

Reuniting for a Threadless + Path Project

Bri at Think Coffee

A couple months ago, I came across a collaboration between two companies I’ve been passionate about - Threadless and Path.  In classic Threadless fashion, Path was crowdsourcing the online community to give its best shot at designing a digital sticker pack for their iPhone app’s messaging system.  Line, Path, and Facebook Messenger were taking on (sometimes animated) digital stickers as a fun way for friends to engage with each over messaging.  They were the next step beyond the emoji wave that hit North America years earlier.

They provided us a three-week window to submit a six-sticker sample.  Bri and I hadn’t collaborated on Threadless since seven years earlier, when we were both still in the Bay Area together, and this seemed like a fun opportunity to reunite and give it another shot here in New York.

I ran this by Bri, and we started talking through possible ideas, from Internet memes to New York neon signs.  We met in the NYU area at Think Coffee, and decided to use Bri’s comic drawings of herself to express that you’re currently in a sticky situation, like being attacked by killer bees or getting something enormously large stuck in your eye. You know, everyday things.

We digitalized these drawings, treated them to look like stickers, and submitted them with an hour left to the deadline.

We had a lot of fun doing this, and Bri’s immortalized for posterity.

Brave New World


About 16 years ago, both Gordon and I–at the time bright-eyed 12-year-olds emailing on 28.8k modems between California and Saudi Arabia–started working on our very first online homepages. The first iteration was probably through something terrible like AOL Hometown and had alternating caps in bold Comic Sans font and ended every adjective with a “z.” Well, that was true for mine, anyway.

Besides being the starting point for a lot of embarrassing web design choices down the road, it also sparked a decade and a half of creative collaborations between the two of us, which to date have produced a Threadless T-shirt, a fancy drawing blog with cartoons, and bunch of puns. There’s some other stuff too, but it’s mostly the T-shirt and the cartoons.

So for 2013 (and beyond) we’ve decided to use our long neglected domain, monstercyb.org (you may be visiting it right now) to showcase all the Awesome Creative Things we like to do. Google spreadsheets have been made. Plans have been planned. Luna bars have been eaten. It’s happening!

In the coming months, expect to see:

  • Video projects! (see our Vimeo accounts!)
  • Graphic design!
  • (Very short) animations!
  • Photography!
  • More T-shirt related stuff!
  • Crafting projects!
  • and, well, more cartoons, probably.

So here goes our Awesome Creative Blog for our Awesome Creative Projects–let’s hope it lasts a while! And if not, well, we’ll just eat more Luna bars and carry on.