Friends and family come and go, but Team Fortress 2 partners are forever. Or so one might think. Don’t hate the player, man, hate the game.

We’d been wanting to do a video project for a long time, and since we had fancy entry-level DSLR cameras (thanks, Black Friday sale) and fancy audio equipment (thanks, Gordon’s office) we decided to put something together. The original idea was to show how absurd it would be if video game mechanics translated into real life — lots of staring straight ahead, stiff movements, putting random items together to try to solve puzzles, putting a ridiculous amount of items in your inventory (one of our favorite games we grew up with, The Dagger of Amon Ra, had your character with some 60 items in her purse over the course of the game, including, at one point, a mummy). And what better way to showcase the awkwardness of video game rules in real life than on a first date?

After a bit of brainstorming Bri figured a breakup was a funnier angle, and so this is what we came out with. Much of the writing process was punctuated with asking Bri’s husband Mark (who shows up as the waiter) what kind of “video game words” made sense. Bri kind of flubbed up that part in the actual video, but the spirit was there.

The whole video was a fun experience that let us learn a lot about camerawork, microphones, video editing with Adobe Premiere, music composition (Bri composed all three notes of the intro and outro music) and mixing graphics with video. Since neither of us knows After Effects, Gordon actually created each frame of the graphic overlays and Bri animated them in Premiere. We should probably really learn After Effects for next time.