At the beginning of 2012, Brianna and Gordon started a collaborative comics journal. After a pun-tastic brainstorm for possible names, they both liked something Bri tossed in early on – “Fancy Drawers”. Gordon actually thought it meant this though:


This wasn’t going to fly as the new logo for the blog. So Gordon figured they could make such a logo a really meta collaborative sketch project, much like the spirit of the site. The way it would work? Gordon would sketch the word “fancy”, and Bri would sketch the word “drawers”, and the two would come together as one piece.

Here are samples from texting drafts back and forth.

fancy-drawers-logo-brainstorm-1 fancy-drawers-logo-brainstorm-2 fancy-drawers-logo-brainstorm-3 fancy-drawers-logo-brainstorm-4 fancy-drawers-logo-brainstorm-5 fancy-drawers-logo-brainstorm-6


And this was the final piece.



Fancy Drawers ran for about 3 years until about the beginning of 2015. Brianna’s comics now live at Uterus Comics. Gordon will be looking for a new home for his future and past comics.