MyopiaUtopiaWith the exception of the cassette tape where we recorded hours of ourselves making up stories, or the video project we did in 6th grade where we did a fake newscast of the 1989 San Francisco earthquake (both of which will assuredly be put on this website once we dig up the footage from our garages), this Threadless T-shirt design was our first big collaboration.

Back in the time of Geocities personal websites (nostalgic/disgusted sigh), Bri used to have a stupid little tagline down by the copyright line that read, “If you can read this, you don’t need glasses! Unless you’re already wearing them, then I guess you need them after all! HAHAHA.” It was on every iteration of Bri’s website (and there were a lot) from 1998 all the way up till the mid-2000s.

In 2006, Gordon and Bri were visiting Threadless a lot to look at funny drawings and cute shirt designs we wanted to buy, and Gordon suggested submitting something. A little while later he surprised Bri with this graphic representation of her stupid little joke. We submitted it, harassed all our friends to vote for it, and got our design made! In the process, we made some cash that helped our broke college selves out a bit, and scored store credit for a bunch of Threadless T’s that we still haven’t fully cashed out on eight years later.

A few months later, spurred on by the new collaborative possibilities, we launched our first joint website, Monstercyborg.