A while back, Gordon came across a collaboration between two companies he’d been passionate about – Threadless and Path.  In classic Threadless fashion, Path was crowdsourcing the online community to give its best shot at designing a digital sticker pack for their iPhone app’s messaging system.  Line, Path, and Facebook Messenger were taking on (sometimes animated) digital stickers as a fun way for friends to engage with each over messaging.  They were the next step beyond the emoji wave that hit North America years earlier.

They provided us a three-week window to submit a six-sticker sample.  We hadn’t collaborated on Threadless since seven years earlier, when we were both still in the Bay Area together, and this seemed like a fun opportunity to reunite and give it another shot here in New York.

We started talking through possible ideas, from Internet memes to New York neon signs.  We met in the NYU area at Think Coffee, and decided to use Bri’s comic drawings of herself to express that you’re currently in a sticky situation, like being attacked by killer bees or getting something enormously large stuck in your eye. You know, everyday things.

Bri at Think Coffee

We digitalized these drawings, treated them to look like stickers, and submitted them with an hour left to the deadline.

We had a lot of fun doing this, and Bri’s immortalized for posterity.